Thursday, March 12, 2015

Cotton Blather

Portrait of Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, who this week spearheaded a campaign of 47 Republicans to undermine the president's nuclear negotiations by writing a condescending letter to top Iranian leaders. Like other junior Republicans hoping to make a splash on the political stage, Cotton rightly believes that being even more blatantly disrespectful of the Socialist Muslim President than usual will provide his moment in the sun. And I'm here to help by producing this portrait.

I thought I was being exceptionally cruel in my rendering of Cotton, who really does look like a militant Ichabod Crane, but as is the curse of my style, I made him look pretty cute. Someday I hope the softness of my drawing hand will get corrupted to match the venom in my soul. As it is, I can draw the Pope sawing kittens in half while hip deep in a sewer of rotting corpses, and people will say, "How cute!"

Man, if only I could be Ralph Steadman for just one day....

An intriguing Atlantic Monthly article on Cotton here.

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