Friday, March 13, 2015

Big Brother is Sketching

My brother David passed away in February after a long battle with cancer, leaving a huge void among his innumerable friends where his savage wit and charm used to be. Big Dave was an enormously talented graphic designer, making design miracles happen on a daily basis as the Marketing Director at the Charleston Naval Weapons Station. But in his reckless youth, before he wised up and developed more practical skills, David focused much of his talent on caricature.

I was still pretty young - around 12 or 13 - when David  was producing these works, and this art, as well as David's hefty doses of brotherly advice, encouraged an already feverish boyhood interest in the world of cartoon illustration. I had a huge leg up as a young artist, thanks to his knowledge of proper drawing tools and printing techniques (I tried to return the favor over the years when Old Man Dave had a Photoshop question).

Here's a handful of David Holt caricatures (some in collaboration with fellow artist Shane Johnson) I had readily available. I'll add more to this post when I've had a chance to sort through and archive his work.
David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen

Warren Zevon

Alan Parsons

Lon Chaney, Jr.

Young David painting a portrait of our father. What I wouldn't give to have that painting now.


  1. Sorry to hear about your brother's death. But, good grief! So much talent in one family!

    (Was yer dad a milkman?)

    1. Dad was a Fire Chief. Not nearly as dangerous as delivering milk.