Tuesday, June 2, 2015

For Budding Bukowskis?

Hey, look what I found while I was searching for clean needles! It's an ancient issue of Barfly, yet another publication I worked for that is long dead. I'm not sure exactly what was communicated to me as far as the issue's theme was concerned, but this was the artwork I came up with:

Our sculptor friend is about to make a very important decision regarding his self-image. The designer got a little fast and loose with the image on the cover - more tinkering than I prefer, but not too outrageous:

The issue even included an interview with the artist, which you can read below if you click to enlarge and squint just so. Look at how young our boy is! At the time I was convinced that giving the impression that I lived in an abandoned shed would result in pity commissions, but this only served to frighten potential art buyers even more than I do today. 

Incidentally, don't bother with that web address. These days it's www.thrdgll.net. But you devoted followers already knew that, right?

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